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Steaming Secure Video Features:

Video / Movie Trailer Optimization
Progressive download technology and analytics – more

Video / Movie Trailer Caching & Security
Private streaming network with true video security – more

Webcam Recording
Record respondent’s reactions to visual stimulus.

Image Protection
ViewProtect® safeguards images – more

Flash 3D Animation: Shelf Tests, Card Sorts & Product Simulators
3D animated virtual experiences – more

Streaming Secure Video with Key Viewer Statistics

CatalystMR’s streaming video infrastructure allows us to provide our online web survey clients with fast, reliable streaming video with security that prevents unauthorized downloading and embedding. Our embedded multimedia files use “Progressive Download” technology. This method allows respondents to view a video start to finish as the file downloads but with the added security to prevent the video file from loading into a respondent cache memory. CatalystMR transforms most common video formats into the same kind of files used on and Google Video. Embedding your video in this popular format helps ensure that video files don’t have to be optimized for specific media players. In fact, our technology eliminates the need for respondents to have to install a proprietary player like Quicktime or Window Media Player. Our video analytics capabilities allow us to keep you apprised of key viewer metrics. We can track which videos each respondent viewed, how long each respondent viewed each perspective video and we can provide you aggregated data at it relates to these and other metrics. If a survey respondent failed to view a video, that respondent can be eliminated from the data so that your results are generated by quality respondents. Bad respondent can be easily replaced by good web survey respondents. To prevent downloading/copying your videos and re-distributing them through other channels, CatalystMR uses a streaming server, which keeps your videos out of the respondent’s cache files, unlike progressive streaming where the browser simply stores the file on a survey respondent’s hard-drive. CatalystMR converts the following video file types into embedded videos:
  • MPEG4 (3ivx, DivX, Xvid, H264)
  • DV and DVCPro
  • FLV (VP6 and Sorenson Spark)
  • 3GP (mobile phones)
  • WMV (up to version 9 – no DRM!)
  • MOV (Sorenson Video 3, H263, H264, animation)
  • MPEG1 and MPEG2
  • AVI (Indeo, Cinepak, Motion JPEG, MPEG)

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