True Smartphone and Non-Smartphone

Mobile Survey Rendering

  • The world most advanced mobile survey solution
  • Unparalleled compatibility with built support for over 2,400 mobile devices
  • Full multilingual support
  • Advanced and innovative features not found elsewhere
  • Automatic image scaling images to match target service
  • Dual mode web and wireless
  • SMS invitations, QR codes (barcodes), email, etc.
  • Capture images on camera phones
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CatalystMR mobile web surveys frequently used in mobile advertisement testing and point of purchase applications. Mobile surveys open up totally new venues which are still mostly unexploited by many researchers. Mobile surveys can be combined with images / audio clips and videos taken and sent in by respondents using embedded cameras. Our survey platform can then collect these images automatically and link them with the survey responses.

Our software solution implements one of the most comprehensive device detection libraries on the planet with built-in support for over 2,4000 mobile devices in over 8000 different configurations. This provides you with unparalleled device compatibility not found in any other solution. Our mobile survey system is loaded with innovative features like automatic image / progress bar scaling to match the varying screen sizes and color depth configuration on different devices.

CatalystMR technology infrastructure supports WML, XHTML Mobile, XHTML, and even via modular plugin iMode-compatible CHTML markup. Needless to say, you can campaign multimode web and wireless surveys seamlessly. Our mobile survey system is also 100% multilingually-enabled, allowing you to take your mobile surveys global. Most importantly, all the advanced logic available for the online surveys is also available for any wireless survey!

A Real-Time PDA, Smartphone, and Non-Smartphone Survey Solution

Pocket PCs, Apple™ iPhone™ type of devices and Tablet PCs offer unbeatable display and rendering capabilities with continuous connectivity to WiFi and 3G networks. More importantly — real-time quota administration is enabled across devices — an essential cost savings for on-site interviews!

Pocket PCs are very affordable devices suitable for longitudinal diaries and many on-site interviews. Tablet PCs offer a full-sized touch screen with handwriting recognition and are very useful for longer term on-site and mall intercept surveys — such as concept testing and customer satisfaction surveys. CatalystMR’s mobile solution is always connected so you gather data as it is entered. The data is instantly chartable and exportable to third-party solutions such as SPSS or Microsoft Excel.

Mobile Device Ad Awareness Demo

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Use QR Codes to Launch Mobile Surveys: Barcode data can drive survey logic Try it! Scan the QR codes below with your smartphone barcode reader app:
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