Do you know where your online survey data collection servers sit?

We hope not underneath a leaky water cooler!

While CatalystMR could easily host our own servers on-site like so many online survey data collection companies who try to save money, we’d rather not lose your survey data. Don’t let something as random as a toilet overflowing or a weekend break-in be the reason you just lost a month’s worth of data collection, not to mention online panel respondent incentives you owe and perhaps a multimillion dollar client. CatalystMR takes the only responsible route to project security.

Hardware Infrastructure

  • CatalystMR’s primary interviewing system is through a SaaS module using blade servers.
  • 20+ survey servers are configured for load balancing.
  • 20+ database servers are configured for load balancing.
  • All servers are located in a Tier 1 data center. The servers are protected with 24×7 armed guards, backup power generators, multiple power sources, fire detection and alarm systems, etc.
  • 2 hot spares are always on standby for the SAN (Storage Area Network) in the event of hard drive failure.
  • In the event of full server failure, a new server server can be booted up in matter of minutes when the failure is detected.
  • Maximum downtime of any server is 10-15 minutes.
  • Survey uptime is guaranteed at 99.9%. SLA (service level agreement) is offered if necessary.
  • A comprehensive monitoring system is utilized to constantly measure multiple variables in the production environment.
  • Servers are setup to run under 20% load to account for sudden spikes and unexpected load spikes.
  • All servers are connected to SAN via 4Gbit/s fiber channel.
  • 3 redundant Internet backbone connections coming to the datacenter.
  • 24×7 monitoring using self-monitoring software and alarms.
  • Over 34 different parameters are constantly monitored.


  • All system are protected by a NSA firewall.
  • A complex configuration is used with a basic overview of: External to internal IP map over NAT, only allow services that are absolutely needed for each IP.
  • Intrusion prevention services are always enabled (port scans, DoS attacks etc..).
  • Survey and database server are using NSA’s (National Security Administration) SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux).
  • Database servers are tested, incoming value validation, and monitoring used to prevent SQL injection and other malicious attacks.
  • Data is housed in separate databases, cross survey data access is prohibited.
  • Each survey is housed in its own database requiring authenticated access (one per installation).
  • User passwords have minimum of 8 characters composed of at least 1 number, 1 capitalized letter, and 1 special character.
  • User passwords are changed on a regular basis with a no-repeat policy.
  • CatalystMR will revoke privileges of a client upon request by that client.
  • All login credentials automatically reset after 3 months. In order to access current or past projects after access has been revoked, a new username and password will need to be set manually by the CatalystMR administrator.

Data Backup

  • Compellent SAN snapshots all the data once every hour (24 full backups per day)
  • Last daily backup is saved up to one month (30 days).
  • Logical backups are stored on a separate Compellent SAN for backups.
  • Compellent SAN consists of multiple drives, every 8th drive is dedicated as a hot spare that can take over any failed drive instantly.

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