CatalystMR Custom Panel Management Solution (CPMS)

CPMS features our industry leading online panel management platform solution which includes online community portals, front-end online survey respondent profile management, back-end panel profiling, email management and online survey integration.

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Catalyst Community

What are you waiting for? It’s time to develop your own private community so that you can become a click away from your user base, your influencers, your content generators, and your customers. Now you can realize the cost saving and insight that result from building your own custom community survey panel. What are you waiting for. Now is the time to get close to your community.

Whether conducting in-home usage tests, concepts tests, focus groups, product ideations, or gaining general customer feedback, there is no time better to take advantage of the tools and experience CatalystMR has for building and maintaining custom online communities for marketing research purposes. User generated content through communities like Facebook has become so widespread in our culture that having online access and having a Facebook account is becoming synonymous. While this might be an exaggeration, it is a statement of this generation’s move toward online communities.

So hey, you moved to online research because of cost, time savings and its creative capacity. Now it’s time to move into the next evolution and realize the cost savings and insight provided to us by a world of people generating feedback through online communities.

What is a private community:

  • Limited to a small group of members who match a target profile, usually around 500-1000 people or less.
  • You control who to invite to participate in online forums, interactive surveys, quick polls, photo uploads, and offline activity.
  • Feedback is qualitative and directional.
Panel Community

So Why Us?

  • Experience: Average of 15 years working in marketing research. We come from technology as former IT Consultants for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, as marketing research software engineers for CfMC Research Software, and as marketing research operations managers for TNS, Gallup, and Nielsen.
  • Technology: What does open source software mean to you? In relation to community portal building, it means a lot of time and cost savings for everyone. Why reinvent the wheel developing a new feature when that feature has already been built by the open source community. Plug and play is what we say.
  • Service: As true partners to our clients, we are committed to your success. Service is the real reason for our success. Just read our testimonials.
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