ViewProtect® safeguards images published in online web surveys so that they cannot easily be captured or published on web sites. A secure key and dynamically generated “watermark” image are placed atop new product concepts and ad tests. The watermark contains each respondent’s unique email address, panel identification code, or other personal identifier and is displayed over an image. The identifier cannot be erased from the image. A survey respondent therefore cannot publish the image from the web survey without revealing their identity. In addition to watermarking, ViewProtect® includes other methods of protecting an image. An encrypted key limits the time period in which the image can download, after which it expires automatically. Secured images automatically fail to display on other computers if the active survey session is not detected or the download period has elapsed. ViewProtect® images can be displayed with an optional copyright or other notice. As added security CatalystMR disables respondent’s ability to right clicking and save image files, sets timers which auto-submit screens to the next screen and can prevent respondents from backing up in the survey.

Image Testing without ViewProtect®


Image Testing with ViewProtect®


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