Video Trailer Caching & Security

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CatalystMR’s hassle-free, fast and secure video hosting Don’t be dragged down by slow or inconsistent upload speeds. Don’t let the traffic to your survey cause crashes because too many respondents access the media simultaneously. Don’t confine yourself to specific browsers. Host your video content with CatalystMR. We propagate rich media in a private secure video optimized network environment allowing streaming video such as ads and movie trailers to download quickly to respondent’s computer and display cleanly without the traditional jumpy grainy presentation with single server support. Unlike other survey programming and hosting companies, CatalystMR provides an embedded video player enabling quick starts inside our surveys so respondents don’t have be bogged down by media players like Window Media Player or Quicktime starting up. Don’t let your project go bust because only a handful of respondents actually saw your video advertisement. Once we optimize your video, CatalystMR video hosting infrastructure will present your video quickly, smoothly and securely to respondent’s browsers.

Video Security

CatalystMR offers features which unlike other providers, secures your video files against unauthorized downloading and embedding. Direct downloads To prevent downloading/copying your videos and re-distributing them through other channels, CatalystMR uses a streaming server, which keeps your videos out of the users cache files, unlike progressive streaming where the browser simply stores the file on a respondent’s hard-drive. CatalystMR deactivates direct downloads, which again, unlike other web survey system, means that respondents cannot dig up the URL of the video in the web survey source-code and download the video from our server. Respondents trying to capture the video will instead receive an access denied message. Whitelisting CatalystMR has also tackled the often problematic issue of ‘hot linking’ of videos. Hot linking occurs when someone sees the video in a survey, then views the source of your webpage and copy/pastes/posts the video’s embed code to a public website like Facebook. This can be disaster if the video file is confidential or contains content not available to the general public. It can ruin a person’s career! To stop this problem we have implemented use of embedding whitelist where only your web survey has access to your video source file. Security Note: While CatalystMR secures your video files against unauthorized downloading and embedding, we do not guarantee 100% security. While very unlikely, a respondent could, for instance, use a screen-recorder to make a copy of your video.

Why collect data from a respondent who didn’t view your movie trailer?

CatalystMR embeds a unique code at the end of our high speed streaming video which respondents need to provide in the next question following the media presentation. Additionally, we prevent respondents from prematurely moving ahead in surveys by disabling the “Continue” button until the video has come to its conclusion. We also have control over the button functionality in our advanced video players which prevents respondents from rewinding or starting the video over; we typically provide respondents the ability to suspend the video and control sound. Finally, our survey technology allows us to prevent respondents from backing up when using the browser back and forward buttons. All of these features means that we can consistently control and maintain a consistent media presentation and thus producing data that can be relied upon.

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