Video Optimization

CatalystMR transforms most common video formats into the same kind of files used on and Google Video. Embedding your video in this popular format helps ensure that respondents are able to view your presentation without having to install software they may not have. Because our embedded multimedia files use streaming technology, online survey respondents are able to view our hosted videos from start to finish as they download. The CatalystMR video player is delivered streaming, which allows for quick starts and instant seeking to not-yet-downloaded parts. Our bandwidth detection delivers the optimal quality to all online web survey respondents and our fallback logic allows users on mobile devices (such as the iPhones) or computers without Flash to still play the video content cleanly. Video Caching & Security: Private streaming network with true video security


We convert the following video file types into embedded videos:
  • MPEG4 (3ivx, DivX, Xvid, H264)
  • DV and DVCPro
  • FLV (VP6 and Sorenson Spark)
  • 3GP (mobile phones)
  • WMV (up to version 9 – no DRM!)
  • MOV (Sorenson Video 3, H263, H264, animation)
  • MPEG1 and MPEG2
  • AVI (Indeo, Cinepak, Motion JPEG, MPEG)
Since we use the FFMPEG framework for transcoding videos, we support FFMPEG supported formats.

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