Your Expertise and Ours

CatalystMR’s industry experience and technical expertise will provide you with the tools you need. We program the most complex online surveys, CATI (telephone) surveys and data tabulation specs in the industry, utilizing the most sophisticated data collection and reporting systems in the industry.

Flexible Tools to Match Your Needs

Whether you want to run an online survey, a mobile survey with full featured phones, smartphone, tablets, run a phone recruit to an online web survey, IVR (interactive voice response), or conduct a traditional phone interview, CatalystMR has the experience and know how to understand and supply you with your chosen methodology. Our company’s technical capabilities will be leveraged by our highly experienced researchers, project management staff, panel specialists and programming experts. As true partners to our clients, we are committed to your success. See what others say about us.

Capabilities as Broad as Your Requirements

Whatever the level of complexity of your work requirements, we can do the job. Our capabilities include multilevel quotas, sophisticated skip patterns, grid rotations, complex selection procedures, piping, back referencing, video caching and presentation, Flash and CBC, ACA, and Max/Diff Sawtooth Conjoint. View our full line of web & mobile survey capabilities: more

Clarity and Complexity

Our real-time data reporting system allows us to create and present real-time complex custom tabulation algorithms, multilevel banners, means, mode, median, standard deviation, complex weighting. Our clients enjoy meaningful real-time reports including dashboards with real-time charts and graphs. We provide you with a password protected reporting tool which displays real-time results including disposition and quota reports, charts and graphs in html, Excel, and printed format. Real-time data is provided in SPSS, ASCII, comma delimited, binary, CSV and Excel. And to top it off our reporting system doesn’t cost you a dime. Stop reinventing the wheel and let our automated capabilities update your tracking reports.

Experience that Matters

CatalystMR employs only the best and most experienced marketing research professionals. We have 15 average years designing, programming and managing, and analyzing survey research projects from end-to-end. We come from best of breed companies such as Gallup, Nielsen, TNS, and CfMC holding a variety of positions that give our teams breadth and depth. As researchers, survey programmers, interviewers, data processing managers, panel specialists, coders, research analysts, IT consultants, and software engineers, we have a unique set of experience and therefore provide our clients insight into the entire survey design, sampling, data collection, reporting and analysis. Whether we’re developing a custom survey, analyzing your survey design, giving insight into sampling techniques, data or technological solutions being employed, we provide our clients an experience that is extremely effective and unique to market research data collection and analysis.

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