CatalystMR Panel Community Managers will help you build and maintain a vibrant panel community by creating a website, activities, interactive surveys and forums that are engaging and central to your research. We’ll help you involve your customers in your brand by providing a destination for panel members to share ideas and opinions.


Custom Panel Communities



Customer Mobile Panel Communities


Key Features

  • Plan: Based on your goals and requirement, your CatalystMR panel community team will develop a community strategic road-map which results in a forum for dynamic engagement and community research.
  • Design: CatalystMR will custom design and build branded portal that includes content, community forums and interactive features that engage your community. Because we use an open source technology for our panel community infrastructure, we can choose from more than 4000 plug-ins that make your site more engaging and interactive while saving money in development costs
  • Recruit: We do a specialized recruit via an online web survey to find brand supporters and or category experts (usually between 500-1000 members) Program: Weekly activities designed around short burst directional surveys (5 to 10 questions), discussion forums along with reminders and monthly newsletter. During the life of the panel, longer survey, focus groups, and community dialogue are facilitated
  • Moderate: We monitor the community site each and every day; like good moderator we probe and solicit further discussion, positive community involvement while reinforcing positive feedback to our participants.
  • Report: We provide our weekly feedback regarding summary of activities and top themes pulled from the dialogue that ensued. On a quarterly basis we provide a detailed report which includes research findings and recommendations.
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