Money Saving Technology

The ability to customize your own community portal with a wide range of engaging and entertaining features, and without the need to hire professional developers, can save thousands of dollars in costs for initial setup of your community.


  • Create task-based discussions for concept testing, ideation and trend spotting
  • Run online surveys, focus groups online or in person, concept tests, in-home usage tests or other research with an engaged community
  • Observe members as they interact with each other in forums
  • Go beyond text and gather visual feedback with photo and video uploads

Panel Sampling Engine

  • Double opt-in registration
  • Authenticate panelists
  • Select sample based upon previous survey data and the profiling questionnaire


  • Create an engaging destination for your community members and provide them with a deeper sense of membership by keeping content fresh and matching the design with your overall brand.
  • Branded Design – Reinforce your brand with design that is tailored to match your look & feel.
  • Website Features –
    • Choose from over 4000 plug-ins such as mini-polls, blogs, newsletters, RSS feeds, FAQ and more.
    • Display available surveys and participation history
    • Update account/profiler information
    • Display reward points accumulated and past redemption records


  • Send out regular newsletters to close the feedback loop
  • Ensure community members know how you’re using their insights to make better business decisions
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