Panel Community

CatalystMR utilizes a panel management system that can literally handle millions of panelist. Our technology is optimized to retrieve complex samples for maximum targeting and deliverability. In addition to seeing respondents past participation, we are able to look at historical data that was previously provided by the panelist.

With our powerful technology, selections of respondent sample can be distributed to ensure that invitations are balanced to your specifications, with real-time calculations to determine if selected samples will fill your needs – and all based on historical reporting trends! Split your sample into waves, design HtML, plain text, or SMS text message invitations – and monitor results in real time.

CatalystMR creates a powerful client branded or anonymous but engaging Panelist Portal which provides facilities for updating panelist information, collecting initial registration data, displaying survey invitations, displaying panelist reward points, and handling unsubscribes, blogs, bulletin boards, video, to name a few… think custom social networking site.

CatalystMR our panel technology is seamlessly integrated with our online web survey software. This enables us to collect profiler data in one or multiple surveys and have the data automatically updated within the panel management solution! Data synchronization between our survey platform and our panel management solution can be run seamlessly and globally.

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