Improved respondent survey experience

Why should an online survey be functionally frustrating when the user interface is customizable?

  • Fully customizable look and feel: Your survey can reflect your brand image, your client’s brand, or no brand at all. By using cascading style sheets, you can easily incorporate different looks for different clients or projects.
  • Sliding scales, drag and drop, page turning, shelf tests, Flash simulators, 3D image rotation, we do it all
  • Handicap accessibility: Web surveys can be written to accommodate handicapped participants and comply with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Find out more about making your web surveys accessibility to those with disabilities
  • Going beyond the survey Software: CatalystMR goes a step further than a traditional web survey programming and hosting provider. We add features and capabilities that improve the respondent experience and survey functionality through advanced programming such as Java script, PHP, Ajax, and Flash.
  • Manual suspend & Resume: Survey respondents can suspend a survey in progress “suspend” and may “resume” at anytime from where they left off. This feature can be enabled or disable to prevent suspending.
  • Auto-suspend and resume: Respondents who accidentally shut down their browsers in the middle of a web survey are “auto-suspended”. These respondents can return to the web survey from where they last left off by returning to the link provided in their survey invitation or booked marked by the respondent.
  • Traditional Navigation: If you choose, survey respondent can go back to previous screens to view a concept or check their answers to a previous questions. This feature can be enabled or disabled.
  • Web survey on-screen error message that’s clear, relevant, and visually appealing.
  • Backing-up through the online survey: Enable respondents to step back in your survey or prevent back up at any point in a web survey – or not. The most current response provided will be saved upon the page’s submission.
  • Status bar: Notify respondents of their progress while in a survey.

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