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  • Survey text and response piping & back referencing: Respondent information can be displayed from information collected in a previous question or contained in a database or sample file.
  • Complex skip and choose logic: Complex skip and choose procedures ensure that survey respondents answer only those elements and questions for which they are qualified to be shown and answered.
  • Question inclusions and exclusions: Based on a previous question(s) or sample qualifications, survey respondents will be presented with a list that either includes or excludes elements or variables.
  • Full rotation of elements or attributes within and among web survey screens:
  • Multiple constant sum questions: Multiple constant sums can be presented on a single survey screen. Totals are updated onscreen and in real-time.
  • Complex quota control: No limit to the number of quotas and complexity of quotas. Min, max, and nested are all common requirements to ensuring that you’re taking the right population sample and at the same time not wasting precious resources, like available sample and the cost per completed survey.
  • Other quota controls: survey quotas can be used to choose the least selected item from a list to control the distribution of responses presented for follow-up questions. A minimum selection procedure can be used for on-screen presentation of lists or elements from lists.
  • Quota-driven web surveys: respondent sample variables in combination with survey responses and/or preexisting data (in a database or sample file) can be used to determine quotas.
  • Real-time quality control and error checking: Full screen control of survey error message text, required responses per survey question, per screen, and types of acceptable variables on screen (text, numeric, and multiple response questions).
  • Requiring responses: Specific questions or the entire survey can be customized to require or not require an answer(s).
  • Error checking is customizable by question and by screen: Error messages can be turned on or off depending on the survey.
  • Displaying error messages: A web survey displays an error message specific to each question and/or attribute on a given screen. Messages will be displayed at the top of the screen and below each incorrectly answered question and/or attribute. If a question is very complex, a new screen will be shown describing the error in detail.
  • Error message statements can be customized by question
  • Random Data Generator: RDG generates “dummy” data and is used by testers to make sure that, among other things, intended skip patterns are followed.

Conjoint Analysis via integration with Sawtooth

Including Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC), Adaptive Choice (ACBC), Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA), Traditional Full-Profile Conjoint (CVA), & Maximum Difference Scaling or Item Scaling (MaxDiff): more

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