ARF Town Hall: Ad Measurement’s New Identity Challenge (Event Summary)


The ARF convened this Virtual Town Hall to explore the advertising ecosystem’s response to the demise of Android-supported third-party cookies at the end of 2021 and the identity-challenging tracking restrictions Apple has put into place.

The Town Hall featured three presentations from different perspectives: Charles Ping, Managing Director, EMEA, Winterberry Group; Jamie Seltzer, Global Managing Director, MarTech and Data Strategy, Havas Media Group; and Mainak Mazumdar, Chief Data and Research Officer, Nielsen.

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Why Engagement Is Pivotal to Brand Heritage Advertising


Brand heritage advertising can boost attitudes about a historic brand’s authenticity, with legacy scenarios and logos positively affecting purchase intention and trust. But a new study has found that heritage advertising can also distance the consumer from the brand—specifically reducing its uniqueness and thus people’s willingness to pay more—unless it actively engages the consumer.

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A Peek Inside the Brain – Behavioral Scientist Rory Sutherland Weighs In On Creative (Event Summary)


This is the third in a series of “Happy Hour” events produced by the Creative Council on bringing researchers, creatives, and strategists closer together. Rory Sutherland, a strong proponent of behavioral science, shared his perspective on the ways that behavioral science thinking can potentially unlock solutions to creative and marketing problems that might not be apparent to “rational” business thinkers.

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Voice-Activated Shopping Can Boost Sales for Some Consumers & Categories

  • MSI

Do you ask Alexa from your smart speaker to purchase items for you? Research shows that voice-activated, AI-enabled devices are becoming increasingly important for online retailers. They can increase search and even purchase, especially among younger consumers and for categories of high purchase frequency or low substitutability. Rather than cannibalizing other channels, use of such devices creates positive spillover, since shopping is integrated into other, consumer routines.

What’s the Best Format for “Supers” in DTC TV Ads?


In a study on formatting characteristics in direct-to-consumer, prescription-drug advertising, the adage ”God is in the details” rings loud and true. TV and online video ads use superimposed text to convey additional information about a drug’s risks and benefits. But, researchers asked, how much can details like text size and contrast affect awareness and attitudes?

Attention and Ad Impact: New Insights from New Research

  • The ARF

One of the essential goals of advertising is to get customers’ attention. However, a lot of campaigns approach this simplistically. More “attention” does not necessarily mean an ad is more effective. Attention is a much more complex phenomenon than that. While attention is a prerequisite for ad impact, the term is ambiguous, complex and difficult to measure. Moreover, “attention” does not necessarily indicate a positive response, and a high level of attention is not always a sign of a positive ad impact.

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